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Customer Review:

"Well I can honestly say - We are all 'Grinners' here after our wonderful Exhibition night.   Your business name Grinners Catering Perth says it all and a huge thank you for such wonderful staff.   They were so friendly taking over the kitchen tasks and drinks for the night."

Gail West, Norton Gallery, Fremantle WA,  Menu:  Platters

Food Platters Perth

GRiNNERS can prepare mouth-watering food platters to make any occasion memorable.

All food platters are individually prepared to order.    This menu does not include staff to serve and is based on Delivery or Pick Up from Canning Vale only.

Min 4 food platters January to November.  Min 10 food platters December.

Gluten Free options are available on selected platters

Platter Order Online 

All platters are designed to serve 15 – 20 people
 Cost per

GRiNNERS Festive Meat with Sliced Crusty Bread
Assorted meats including –Virginia Ham, Roast Beef, Turkey Breast, Mild Salami, Mortadella, Kalamata and Green Olives. Includes condiments.     Take a look

Cheese and Biscuit Platter
A selection of premium cheeses and biscuits with in season and dried fruit garnish.  Take a look
Antipasto Platter
Continental meats, Marinated Fetta, Cheddar Cheese, Roasted Marinated
Vegetables and Kalamata Olives with garnishing.   Take a look
Vegetables and Dips
A selection of colourful Vegetables and Chef’s Tasty Dip served with vegetable crudites and Grissini Bread Sticks.  Take a look
Hot Savoury Platter
Chicken Satay Skewers, Gourmet Meat Bites, Minted Lamb Sausage Rolls, Sweet Chilli & Southern Style Chicken Tenders.   Served with accompanying sauces. 
(50 items per platter)   Take a look
Hot Savoury Party Platter
Chicken Goujons, Gourmet Meat Bites, King Island Beef Pies, Moroccan Lamb Pies and Chicken Leek Camembert Pies.   Served with accompanying sauces.   (50 iems per platter)   Take a look
Hot Chicken Wings and Drums
Marinated oven baked and tasty.   (50 per platter)   Take a look
Hot Chicken Satay Skewers
Skewered skinless chicken pieces served hot with satay dipping sauce. (40 per platter)  Take a look
Prawn Platter
Fresh Peeled Prawns Tail On with a Homestyle Seafood dipping sauce and Lemon Wedges.   (Approximately 80 per platter)   Take a look
Smoked Salmon Blinis
Light savoury filled Blini topped with Twirled smoked salmon, avocado puree and topped with caviar   (30 per platter)   Take a look
Marinated Bocconcini & Tomato Bruschetta
A delicious mix of tomato & marinated bococini combined on toasted Garlic
French bread.   (30 per platter)   Take a look
Assorted Open Face Sandwiches
Open sandwiches on Parissien Bread with a variety of gourmet
toppings.  (30 per platter)   Take a look
Tortilla Pinwheels 
Assorted tortillas filled with a range of Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese, Roast Beef, Mediterranean Vegetables and Ham Avocado Tomato fillings. 
(40 Per Platter)   Take a look
Mini Savoury Croissant
Mini Croissants filled with assorted savoury fillings.   (30 per platter)   Take a look
Gourmet  Point Sandwiches
A full platter of delicious Point Sandwiches with a range of gourmet fillings.
(48 points per platter.   Total of 12 rounds of sandwiches)    Take a look
Mini Brioche Rolls
Assorted Gourmet Fillings, Smoked Salmon & Capers, Beef & Caramelised Onion Relish, Chicken & Avocado, Roast Vegetable.   (20 items per platter) Take a look
Tortilla Lunch Wraps
Assorted Wraps - Tomato & Spinach Tortilla - With assorted fillings, roasted &
continental meats, roasted vegetables, cheeses, salads, mayonnaise, pesto & chutneys. (12 whole wraps, cut in half.  Total of 24 indidually wrapped halves)  Take a look
Gourmet Lunch Rolls
Assorted Rolls - Poppy Seed, Sesame Seed Wholemeal, Scottish Bap - With assorted fillings, roasted & continental meats, roasted vegetables, cheeses, salads, mayonnaise, pesto & chutneys.  (8 whole rolls, cut in half.  Total of 16 individually wrapped halves)  Take a look
Mini Sweet Tarts
Selection of Banana Toffee, Strawberry, Mixed Fruit, Custard and Lemon Meringue Tarts.    (24 per platter)  Take a look
Assorted Cream Filled Profiteroles
Cherry Coconut, Choc Caramel, Chocolate Orange, Patisserie Cream & Wild Strawberry.   Garnished with Fresh Strawberries.   (40 per platter) Take a look
Mini Muffins
Mini Triple Choc and Mini White Choc & Blueberry Muffins   (48 per platter)  
Take a look 
Assorted Macarons
Chocolate Mudcake, Pistachio, Creamy Vanilla & Strawberry
(40 per platter)   Take a look
Seasonal Fruit on Bamboo Skewers
This is a fun way to present fruit salad.   (20 skewers per platter)  Take a look
Seasonal Fruit Platter
Fresh selection of Seasonal assorted Fruit sliced and presented with flair.   Take a look
Tea & Coffee – To add that finishing touch.
Includes urn, china cups & saucers and all ingredients at $4.95 per person.
Please note the equipment and ingredients will be delivered at the same time
as the platters and will take approx 15-20 minutes to set up
Pick Up of Equipment will be the day after
   (Minimum of 30 people)   Take a look
Disposable Items:
Luncheon Napkins      .55c                   Dinner Napkins            .55c
Small Plates 160mm    .55c                   Large Plates 230mm     .55c
Disposable knives        .55c                   Disposable Forks          .55c

Delivery Charge

$45.00 delivery applies for orders Monday- Friday.
$55.00 delivery applies for orders Saturday-Sunday.
$55.00 delivery applies to Perth City orders and orders 20km outside of Perth Metro

$46.75 or
Delivery of Platters - Important Information
When ordering Hot platters they will usually stay warm for up to half an hour from delivery.   Please make sure you request your delivery time as close to serving time as possible.   Platter Transport Boxes are not left at the function.   If you would like to keep them, they are $4.95 each.
Platters are not available on Public Holidays and certain times during December each year.

Payment is to made on delivery or 3 days prior by internet transfer.

If any ingredient is unavailable due to circumstances beyond our control,    an ingredient of the same value and quality will be substituted.

Platter Order Online   Enquire Here

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Prices valid until 31st December 2016