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Grinners Catering Perth Beverages

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Beverages are sometimes a stumbling block when organising a function.  What to buy, how much to buy, will I run out, what about glasses, and how will I keep it cold. These are just a few of the hurdles people need to overcome when thinking about drinks.

There is no need to worry any more.  Grinners Catering has a team of highly qualified and experienced staff to handle all your beverage needs. We are fully licensed, our professional and friendly staff hold Responsible Service of Alcohol accreditation and we provide an efficient, worry free beverage service operating within the guidelines of the WA Liquor Licensing Regulations .

Click on the links below for our Beverage options:

Beverages - Perth Package

Beverages - Western Australia Package

Beverages - Margaret River Package

Christmas Packages including Beverages

Wedding Buffet Packages including Beverages

Wedding Banquet Packages including Beverages

Wake/Condolence Menu with Optional Beverages

Print Beverages via Pdf